Welcome to Milton Hill

Land West of Milton Road, Clapham


Welcome to Milton Hill

This website has been updated following the submission of our planning application to Bedford Borough Council on the 3rd February 2020. We want to provide residents with updates to our proposals which we hope assist in understanding our planning application which seeks to support the Neighbourhood Plan process as the Site proposed for development.


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Framework Plan

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Parameter Plan

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Previous Location Plan

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  • Our proposals have continued to be refined following the consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan in 2019 and following meetings with the Neighbourhood Planning Group and Parish Council in 2019 and 2020.

  • Delivery of a fully serviced site for a new primary school located central to the scheme and close to existing residents with safe cycle and pedestrian access.

  • Two points of vehicle access allowing vehicles to exit the development to the north or south providing greater dispersion of traffic away from the village centre, and three additional pedestrian and cycle access points to ensure permeability and improve connectivity.

  • A commitment to ensure all construction traffic enters and exits the site from the north and does not pass through the village.

  • Provision of traffic-calming measures within Clapham to be agreed in consultation with local residents and the Local Highways Authority, and improvements to walking and cycling routes and facilities. An indicative scheme is included with the planning application and we would be happy to discuss the possibility of average speed cameras within the village.

  • The parameters of the proposals would secure 6.7 hectares of dedicated open space with a further 1.2 hectares to be provided for within the development area. The dedicated open space has been designed in such a way as to assimilate the development with the surrounding landscape based on key views and topography.

  • No loss of Grade 1 agricultural land with part of the site currently used for caravan storage and classified as brownfield land.

  • The development is likely to take between 4 and 5 years to build all the proposed houses.

  • No detrimental impact to heritage assets.

  • A commitment to work with local bus service providers to enhance the service in proximity to the site as the new development grows.


Scheme Evolution

Clapham has been identified as a ‘key service centre’ within the Bedford Borough Council Local Plan and is required to deliver 500 new homes.

Clapham North was originally presented to the Parish in June 2017 comprising four separate sites. Following the submission of plans and technical reports to the Neighbourhood Planning Group, feedback was received that raised concern around the fragmented nature of the scheme and consequently whether it was deliverable within the required timescales.

As a result of this feedback, the promoters have reviewed the proposals and are now able to provide a single cohesive scheme to the west of Milton Road. This was presented to the Neighbourhood Planning Group in April 2018.

Following meetings with the Neighbourhood Planning Group and the Parish Council and events such as the Question Time meeting it was determined the Site would be allocated December 2018. Since then, there have been a number of meetings between the promoters and the Neighbourhood Planning Group including a site walkover. These meetings have helped shape the proposals submitted for planning February 2021. This includes a central equipped play area, a school drop off loop and consideration for speed reduction interventions along Milton Road.


Downloadable Resources

  • Acoustic Technical Note

  • Aboricultural Summary

  • Flood Risk and Drainage Technical Note

  • Agricultural Technical Note

  • Archaeology Technical Note

  • Geo-Environmental Technical Note

  • Air Quality Technical Note

  • Ecology Summary

  • Mineral Resource Technical Note

  • Transport Technical Note


Next Steps

The Neighbourhood Planning Group are consulting on the draft version of the Neighbourhood Development Plan between 1st February 2021 to 14th March 2021 where the Site is proposed for allocation. Our application seeks to support this draft allocation by demonstrating the Site is capable of delivering a high-quality and policy compliant development for 500 dwellings and land for a two form entry primary school.


The application is available on the Bedford Borough Council website under planning reference: 21/00332/EIA.


We would welcome your comments or questions on our proposals. You can contact us with any questions specific to Milton Hill by email at


Engagement with local communities across Bedford is the cornerstone of our approach to help shape the vision for Milton Hill. We want to hear from residents about their concerns and aspirations for the borough's future.

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