Below is a selection of current projects from across the Bedfordia Property portfolio.

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Milton Hill, Clapham

L&Q Estates and Bedfordia Developments have submitted a planning application to Bedford Borough Council on the 3rd February 2020 for residential development of 500 new homes and land for a new primary school, and associated infrastructure on land locally known as Milton Hill, off Milton Road, Clapham, Bedford.

The planning application seeks to support the Neighbourhood Plan process as the Site proposed for development. 

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Bedfordia Developments and Marcol Industrial Investments LLP have promoted Twinwoods as a proposed new Garden Village through the Local Plan process and will be making further representations as part of Bedford Borough Council’s Local Plan 2040 Draft Plan consultation.

Located 5km to the north-west of Bedford and to the east of the A6 TwinWoods is being promoted as a strategic development location for between 6,000 and 7,500 new homes together with new schools and employment uses to help meet the future housing and employment needs of the Borough and the Oxford-Cambridge Arc.

Bedfordia and Marcol believe there is a great opportunity to create a sustainable new settlement supported by a new rail station at Twinwoods on the proposed route of the East-West Rail line. 

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Stoneyfields, Odell Road/School Approach, Sharnbrook

Stoneyfields is a proposed scheme of approximately 500 houses and land for a new primary school on behalf of the Bedfordshire Charitable Trust for their land at Sharnbrook, which addresses the need for new development in Sharnbrook and is in a sustainable location with the ability to integrate with the existing village and community.

The site was submitted to the Sharnbrook Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group in response to the requirement of Sharnbrook to deliver 500 new homes as part of their obligations under the Bedford Borough Local Plan 2030. 


For full details of the Concept Masterplan, Vision Document and supporting technical evidence please see our website  for more information.

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